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ILS Demo - Loan program
S4U announces ILSs for AT center demonstrations and loaning to clients.
AT centers are adopting these ILSs whose configurations were developed from AT center requests and client needs. Call 1 850 381-4321 or 1 603 682-9801.

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Purchase ILS

Purchase ILS

Collaborating OT Partners

Living Dolo
recognizes the value of collaboration.
Partnering with organizations to build the best solutions for our clients.

Serving Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

US Federal Contractor Registration, CCR DUNS ORCA.

US Federal Contractor
Speak4use LLC is a Registered US Federal Contractor

  All AT Professionals and Organisations March 2014 to Oct 2014
Special discount for AT professionals and Organisations purchasing our portable ILS, specifically designed for client demonstrations and loans.

Plug and play portability makes demonstrations a snap and allows clients a wonderful opportunity to judge compatibility with the system before purchasing.

Save $500 off the regular price of $2795 for this cutting edge technology.

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For information, pricing, demonstrations ... Graham Bunce ... 1 603 682-9801 or graham@speak4use.com

Contact numbers
Sales 850 381-4321